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While at NDC, Carl and Richard talked to Chris McCord about Elixir - the friendly language on top of Erlang. Chris talks about his Phoenix framework which brings an MVC-style development approach to building web sites in Elixir. And because its the Erlang VM under the hood, it scales brilliantly! The efficiency of Erlang is remarkable as well, reducing the number of servers needed to provide a service, to the point where folks have been running a web site off of a Raspberry Pi 2! Phoenix is racing toward a version 1.0, and its a great time to get involved!

Chris McCord is the creator of the Phoenix Framework and author of Metaprogramming Elixir. He spends his days crafting web applications at Littlelines and teaching other the tools of the trade. He loves community outreach and helping to grow Elixir’s wonderful community.

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While at NDC, Carl and Richard chat with Justin James about his deployment tool chain of NuGet, Chocolatey, Boxstarter and Vagrant. Each of these tools builds on the other, starting at the lowest level with specific libraries, working up through package managers, configuring operating systems, even provisioning cloud services. Justin talks about using the tools to get you to a configuration-as-code scenario, making installation not only reliable, but fast. There are lots of different ways to get to a reliable and efficient deployment solution - here's another one!

Justin James is a software craftsman with over 15 years of experience building applications in ASP.NET, C#, HTML 5, and AngularJS. He has built everything from small utilities to web sites that had more than a million views and 20,000 users per month. Justin loves to share knowledge that he has gained to help someone get to their end goal faster. He has presented at several user groups in the Phoenix, Arizona area; code camps in Las Vegas, Arizona and California; Nebraska Code and Codepalousa Conference.

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While at NDC in Oslo, Carl and Richard talk to Troy Hunt about all the scary stuff going on in security today. The conversation starts out recapping some discussion on passwords - how do we get past them? Troy also digs into the on-going issues of SQL Injection, still the number one security risk for web sites. You can still use Google to find vulnerable web sites, and there are great free tools out there to find and exploit insecure SQL databases - don't be one of them! The discussion turns to Strict Transport Security, making sure SSL is on all the time for a web site. Still gotta fix the basics, but new capabilities are coming!

Troy Hunt is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP and world-renowned internet security specialist. He spends his time teaching developers how to break into their own systems before helping to piece them back together to be secure against today’s online threats. He’s also the creator of “Have I been pwned?”, the free online service for breach monitoring and notifications. Troy regularly blogs at troyhunt.com from his home in Australia.

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