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Are you taking care of your personal brand? Eileen Fisher talks to Carl and Richard about what it means to have a personal brand, how to define, cultivate and care for it over time. In the end, a personal brand is simply what people know you for, and everyone has one, whether they're working on it intentionally or not! Eileen dives into what makes an effective brand and why you want to own and grow it - whether it is to get new projects or a promotion. This leads to a conversation around professional social media product like LinkedIn. There are places to maintain your personal brand, its worth spending a little time to get it right. Check out the show links for more tools and ideas!

Eileen Fisher is a highly skilled marketing professional with more 20+ years of global, high tech marketing experience. What she likes most about her profession is the opportunity to explain complex technical information to people in a way that makes good business sense. She has been described as "exceptionally outgoing," which is true. This characteristic is what fuels her passion for being a trusted advisor and partner with customers, talking with them, satisfying their needs, and forming long-term business relationships. Eileen likes knowing we make a difference in customers' lives. Eileen understands the importance of consistent, cogent messaging at all levels. It's rewarding to have achieved positive influence over diverse groups, including key opinion leaders and media representatives. Her knowledge of marketing in the technology sector is significant. She has strong experience with Cloud/digital, social media, product development and launches and technical services marketing. Eileen has learned the secrets of navigating ambiguous environments to create optimum performance. Today Eileen is the founder and President of Fisher Consultants. They are a Personal Branding company focused on technology experts and ensuring they stand out as leaders in their areas of expertise. Prior to Fisher Consultants, she worked for a boutique SQL Server Consulting Firm, SolidQ as the Director of Global Marketing. The majority of her career was spent at Microsoft doing a variety of marketing roles including partner management, services, public relations, social media, campaigns, product launches, communications and much more. Contact Eileen at eileen.fisher@fisherconsultants.com.

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The Three Ps: Passion, People and Participation. Carl and Richard talk to Mike Benkovich about his passion around the three Ps. The conversation starts first with a tour of favorite technologies, including a long conversation around the evolution of XAML and the challenges of modern development with a diverse set of clients. That impassioned discussion turns meta as Mike brings up the three Ps and what it means to work on things you truly care about with people that matter you. Can you really call it a job?

Energy, laughter, and a contagious passion for coding—Mike brings it all with him. In a career that has taken him from minion to business owner, from database administrator (DBA) to developer, from author to evangelist, Mike has seen it all. In more than 25 years of working in the technology industry, he has been part of the latest waves to sweep the industry, and he is compelled to share it all. Whether delivering MSDN Events live or webcast presentations, whether on the developer resource site www.BenkoTips.com or his blog, Mike brings enthusiasm for the tools and an energy for the search to find an better way. Join us each week to see what's new in "BenkoTIPS Live and On-Demand" as he helps developers explore the possible.

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So how does Docker change development? While at the Nebraska Code Camp, Carl and Richard chatted with Seth Lachner about his work with Docker and the impact it has had on him as a developer. Seth comes from the old school open source world of Linux and C, and has worked with Docker for a long time - he recognized the potential early on. The conversation digs into the concepts of Docker as a virtualization entity on top of an operating system, hooking tightly into the kernel of the operating system to provide isolation for applications without the heavy footprint of traditional VMs. The conversation ranges over the cloud, server and workstation uses of containers, even into the idea of Docker as a virtual application implementation. This tool has far reaching consequences, no wonder there is so much buzz around it!

Seth Lachner has been developing software for over 20 years. He has worked with many different platforms and technologies over the years and loves to keep up with current technology trends.You can often find him hanging out at user groups around the Omaha area where he is happy to be in the audience or in front of it.

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Running time 50 minutes      Date Tuesday, April 14, 2015     Comments Comments

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