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Carl and Richard chat with Brian Noyes about the state of affairs with WPF, Windows 8 and the Prism project. Brian starts out the conversation talking about WPF is far from dead - Microsoft continues to invest in it, and lots of folks, including Brian's customers, are building great applications with WPF. This leads to a discussion about how the changes to Windows 8 at Build affect the WPF story and development in general - a huge topic area that warrants a bunch more shows. Finally, Brian digs into Prism, Microsoft Patterns and Practice group toolset for building great Windows apps for all sorts of versions of Windows, including Windows 8. Prism has moved beyond Silverlight, and is worth a serious look!

Brian is CTO at Solliance, a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP and Pluralsight author. Brian specializes in building maintainable client applications in XAML and HTML 5/JavaScript, as well as building the services that back them with WCF, ASP.NET Web API, and Windows Azure. Brian has authored several books including Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Prism 4, Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0, and Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce. He publishes articles frequently in a variety of publications and speaks at conferences worldwide including Microsoft TechEd, DevConnections, DevIntersection, VSLive!, DevTeach and others. Brian got started programming as a hobby while flying F-14 Tomcats in the U.S. Navy, later turning his passion for software into his current career. You can find Brian on twitter @briannoyes and read more on his blog at http://briannoyes.net.

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Carl and Richard talk to Burke Holland about building mobile apps. But the conversation starts out with an announcement - Telerik's KendoUI is going open source! Burke talks a bit about the history of KendoUI and how it has evolved over the years, including a KendoUI Mobile (which is also open source). That leads to a discussion about mobile development as a whole, including his preferred tools and styles for building apps across different mobile platforms, comparing native, hybrid and web development on the smartphone and where tablets fit into this story.

Burke Holland is a web developer who hangs out in Nashville, TN, even though he doesn't really care for country music. He is a recovering Adobe Flex developer and current JavaScript / HTML5 fanatic working as a Developer Evangelist For Kendo UI. You can find him blogging for Kendo UI and on his personal blog A Shiny New Me. He hangs out on twitter as @burkeholland and avoids Facebook altogether. He has an obsession with Instagram and once updated everyone's last name in the corporate ERP database to "Holland". He is not a fan of SQL.

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Carl and Richard chat with Richard Astbury about the Microsoft Research project known as Orleans. Orleans brings the Actor model of development to C# - the Actor model is typically found in functional languages, but you can write functional C#, so why not? Richard talks about Orleans being used to run Halo 4, where hundreds of thousands of players connected with each other between hundreds of Azure instances. Orleans was officially released into the wild at Microsoft Build. Looking at scalable software strategies? Take a look at Orleans!

Richard Astbury helps software businesses around Europe migrate their applications to the cloud. He works with a wide variety of companies, ranging from the smallest startups to the largest software businesses in the world, and specializes in moving applications that were never designed to run in the cloud, utilise the Windows Azure platform. Richard is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Azure, and Senior Consultant at Two10 Degrees. He is often found developing open source software in C# and Node.js, and lives in rural Suffolk, UK with his wife and two children.

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