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Emre Kiciman and Mark Friedman talk about bringing AjaxView to Visual Studio. Emre previously talked about AjaxView on .NET Rocks when it was a Microsoft Research project to enable developers to profile the behavior of JavaScript on the browser. Since then, AjaxView has been developed as the Microsoft Visual Studio AJAX Profiling Extensions. Mark as part of the Studio team focused on making AjaxView work in Studio. The conversation not only digs into what AjaxView can do for a developer, but the challenges of bringing a research project to the mainstream.

Emre Kiciman is a researcher in the Internet Services Research Center (ISRC) at Microsoft Research, Redmond, where his interests are broadly in the area of large-scale Internet services, their operations and their end-to-end reliability. Often, his work focuses on monitoring and machine learning analysis of system behavior to improve reliability and performance. Most recently, his research has focused on web applications.


Emre received his Ph.D in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2005, where he worked on the Recovery-Oriented Computing project with Prof. Armando Fox and Prof. David Patterson.

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