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Carl and Richard talk to Jeremy Likness about Silverlight 5. Is Silverlight dead? Not by a long shot. Jeremy talks about the great work going on the Silverlight today and how it still is the most efficient way to build applications that run on both Windows and OSX. The conversation drills into the new features of Silverlight 5 and dispels a lot of the myths around the future of Silverlight. Jeremy also talks about Jounce, his MVVM+MEF framework on Codeplex and the relationship between Silverlight and WinRT.

Jeremy Likness is the author of “Designing Silverlight Business Applications” and was named Silverlight MVP of the Year in 2010. Now Senior Consultant and Technical Project Manager for Wintellect, LLC, he has spent the past decade building highly scalable web-based commercial solutions using the Microsoft technology stack. He has fifteen years of experience developing enterprise applications in vertical markets including insurance, health/wellness, supply chain management, and mobility. He is the creator of the popular MVVM framework Jounce and an open source Silverlight Isolated Storage Database System called Sterling. Likness speaks and blogs frequently on Silverlight, MEF, Prism, Team Foundation Server, and related Microsoft technologies.

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Running Time 55 minutes      Date Tuesday, January 31, 2012     Comments Comments

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