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Carl and Richard talk to Rob Mensching about the WiX Toolset, a popular Open Source project for all your software installation needs. How good is WiX Toolset? Visual Studio uses it for installation of itself! Rob talks about different installation solutions and how he eventually came to develop the WiX Toolset as an XML-centric 'set of sets' hierarchy for managing installations. As Rob says, setup development is development!

By day Rob Mensching is a Senior Software Design Engineer at Microsoft working on the next version of Visual Studio. By night Rob is the Benevolent Dictator of the WiX toolset, a popular Open Source project for all your software installation needs. On the weekends, he operates RobMensching.com LLC which provides setup and deployment consulting services around the globe. Ultimately, if it has to do with software installation Rob is probably looking into it. You can find his blog at http://robmensching.com/blog/.

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